Women teachers join sports training program in 3 major Saudi cities



JEDDAH: A youth leadership initiative led by the British Council KSA and the UK-based Youth Sports Trust, in collaboration with the Department of Education, has almost completed its training tour in the three main provinces of Arabia Arabia.
The initiative focuses on raising awareness of the importance of physical education (PE), helping sports teachers and young students to instill passion and fun for sport in their communities. It aims to increase the physical fitness level of the society by creating an atmosphere of healthy entertainment.
This initiative covered nearly 52 schools in the three main provinces of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province. It started in the three main cities because they are well equipped to organize sporting events and festivals.
Lamia Al-Issa, the general supervisor of the education ministry, told Arab News: at least once a week from 13 to 40 percent of the population.
The ministry aims to expand the program and provide physical education coaches in the rest of the Kingdom with the opportunity to benefit from such training programs. Fifty-two coaches from different regions of the three main provinces benefited from this training tour.
Mona Al-Shehri, an English and physical education teacher for grade 6 students, one of the coaches participating in the program, told Arab News: “I think it’s a unique experience because it’s the first time it takes place in Saudi Arabia. The program breeds a new generation who will be more physically and health conscious. “
Coaches receive intensive training for two weeks. Week Two is a hands-on application of what coaches learn in Week One.
The training program focuses on building leadership and team skills, and on raising the fitness awareness of students and teachers by engaging in creative activities.
Al-Shehri said, “We are also engaging with the young women leaders to ask them to plan a safe and enjoyable sports festival, which will be attended by around 100 elementary school students.
“Young leaders are trained to choose different creative and innovative activities to develop their own leadership skills, and then to be able to build teams and be successful. In this way, young leaders become ambassadors of sport within their society and their community.
Realizing the Kingdom Vision 2030 and upholding the theme of a vibrant society with fulfilling life, physical education classes have been gradually implemented in girls-only schools this 2017-2018 school year.
According to Al-Issa, there is a dedicated team that prepares and develops the programs for the coming year, in order to be able to offer a suitable program for the benefit of our students.
Youth Sports Trust is a UK-based international charity that is passionate about building a better future for young people through physical education and sport.



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