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Created: Sep 01, 2021 08:00

Remember to pack your workout gear when traveling (archive photo)

Learning how to get in shape and set goals for our lifestyle is important as we strive to achieve our fitness goals.

However, this will require changes in our daily routines. With diligent practice and dedication, changes can be made in as little as two weeks.

While anyone can learn the basics (eating well and exercising), there are some things you can learn through trial and error. Check out some of my favorite ways to learn how to get in shape.

1. Daily training

Making exercise a habit is easier if you do it daily. If you are not currently exercising, I recommend that you start exercising at least half an hour a day. When you exercise just a few times a week, it’s easier to turn a day off into three days off, a week off, or even a month off. If you already exercise regularly, try upgrading to three or four times a week depending on your schedule. However, it can be difficult to maintain a workout routine that you don’t do every day. Try not to repeat the same exercise routine every day. If you have a heavy core workout one day, try switching to general cardio the next day. You can also add a day of light walking to break up the intensity.

2. Intensity over time

If you make a habit of exercising regularly and you’re not hitting your goals, focus on intensity rather than duration. You don’t always have to train for long periods of time. If you only have 30 minutes, do your best to increase the intensity to make the most of the time.

3. Eat as healthily as possible

Find out what is going on in your food, especially if you tend to eat out. Take a look at the foods you eat on a regular basis and determine if they are really healthy. Don’t be fooled by deceptively healthy snacks that claim to be good for you. Some basic nutritional tips to remember: eat unprocessed foods; eat a lot of vegetables; eat lean protein; eat whole grains.

4. Watch out for travel

We’re back to traveling, but don’t let a five-day vacation interfere with your fitness goal. I don’t mean to say you have to go through your diet and exercise program without special meals, but when you are still in the first few weeks, still pick up some habits, make sure that a week’s break doesn’t not undo your progress. To stay motivated, don’t forget your sportswear to stay on track.

5. Start slowly

Have you ever signed up for an exercise class and gave it your all and then threw up your guts? You might not be that extreme, but burnout is very common when you start to get in shape. You have a lifetime to get in shape, so don’t try to go from couch potato to superstar in a week. With strength training, start with less weight than you think you need. If you are starting a running routine, run a little less than you can to start. You can push harder once your body feels comfortable with regular exercise.

Getting in shape in as little as two weeks may seem like impossible, but if you are motivated and give yourself the time to dedicate yourself to it, it is certainly achievable.

Find an exercise routine that works for you, choose healthier foods, drink plenty of water, and B-Active For Life!

Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figures competitor with over a decade of experience. Search for B. ActiveForLife on Facebook


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