Training program to manage sporting events, organized tournaments


Muscat: A training program in the management of sporting events and tournaments was organized by the Ministry of Education, represented by the General Directorate of Administrative Affairs – Department of Training and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with the Omani Federation of school sports and the Ocean Institute.

The training program started on Sunday morning and will continue until Thursday at the Al Amal club.

The implementation of this training program comes in view of the increase in the number of events organized annually by the sports committees in the governorates of education, which reach nearly 100 sports events in all the governorates and require organization by event management specialists.

The program targets 34 employees from the Omani School Sports Federation Office and Education Governorates to provide them with effective management skills and accurate planning.

Participants in the program will obtain the necessary qualification to work in the management of sporting events, through several themes, including methods of organization, evaluation and management of sporting events, financial and accounting management of sporting events , sponsorship management, financiers, developers, suppliers, stakeholders and the public, and attracting, managing and training employees and volunteers to work in sporting events, market sporting events and manage event risk sportsmen.


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