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Updated: Jul 13, 2021 8:03 AM

The pandemic has taken its toll on Tekira Hypolite’s waistline.

Stuck at home during shelter in place, she tipped the scales at 208 pounds, her heaviest weight on record.

Determined to do something, she turned to her old friend, Kamel Dickinson. The personal trainer came up with a three-month program that he said would teach people challenging but fun exercises and how to eat healthier foods.

As an incentive, he dangled weekly prizes and awards, but what caught Dr. Hypolite’s attention was the $ 1,000 earmarked for the person with the greatest transformation.

Three months later, her weight having dropped to 179 pounds, the money was hers.

“The main thing was the diet. Everybody says it’s 80 percent [of what drives weight loss], which is absolutely true, ”said Dr Hypolite.

This was something the Smiles Inc dentist had to learn the hard way. She had started training with Mr Dickinson before the pandemic hit Bermuda last year and was happy with her results, but her diet deteriorated in April 2020 when residents were ordered to s ‘shelter in place.

“I was always exercising, putting all that work and effort into it, but my diet was terrible. My diet was not what it was supposed to be so I didn’t see any results at that time.

“But once I knew $ 1,000 was at stake – this is obviously going to matter – I got strict with my diet. At work we have chocolates and junk food; we have birthday cakes – I just passed them or got a little piece of it. I did not deprive myself until the end. Sometimes you have to give in and enjoy life. You can’t just restrict yourself. And so it worked. “

Dr Hypolite reduced his weight to 201 pounds ahead of the start of Mr Dickinson’s Summer Shredding 2021 challenge on March 1. With the help of the program, she was able to lose 20 pounds which was all the encouragement she needed to become “tighter with it.” [her] regime ”during the last confinement in May.

The Zoom classes offered by the trainer when everyone was stuck at home were also convenient – all she had to do was ‘get out of bed and get to work’.

“[This lockdown] was a blessing in disguise. Usually I go out and socialize – I drink, I eat a lot of food – but I couldn’t do it, ”she said.

Instead, she tried to follow the diet Mr. Dickinson had given her. She also weighed her food and used MyFitnessPal, an app that tracks diet and exercise.

“Based on my weight, I should have eaten 169 grams of protein, which is a lot,” she said. “I could get to this point every now and then, but I always ate over 110. So it was high in protein and low in calories.”

Fish was his favorite source of protein. She used edamame both as a vegetable and as a carbohydrate.

“It’s a lot of food. You don’t starve yourself. And sometimes it gets to the point where you feel like you are overeating and can’t absorb it all. “

Because she has a sweet tooth, her weight has been an issue since childhood, said Dr. Hypolite.

“I have always been taller than I should have been. Cake dough and stuff like that were my favorite. I ate cookie dough – I still do. Should i? No.”

She decided to change because her knees were starting to hurt.

“When I gain weight, I feel it in my knees. That’s when I know it’s time to start losing weight. Health problems run in my family. I don’t want to get to where I’m taking medication. You don’t want to be addicted to this stuff when you can do something easier like lose weight and eat healthier.

Her goal now is to find a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life.

“Now that Bermuda is open, I go out with friends, eat and drink, but when I eat out, I try to choose healthier options. When I drink alcohol, I choose vodka and sparkling water. You can flavor it with fresh lime juice or you can even buy flavored soda water and add it.

“It’s stuff like that that helps cut carbs and calories because you still have to be enjoying life.”

His advice to anyone who is overweight but doesn’t know if the effort is worth it: “Why not? You will be healthier. You will look better. It’s not all about the look, but who doesn’t like to look better? It makes you feel better, you get more energy, and you are healthier overall, but you can still enjoy life.

“I’m not criticizing the fat ones or the bigger ones, if they want to live this lifestyle which depends only on them, but why not?

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Tekira Hypolite receives $ 1,000 as winner of Summer Shredding 20021 from personal trainer Kamel Dickinson (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Tekira Hypolite transformed her body with the help of Kamel Dickinson’s three-month program, Summer Shredding 2021 (Photo provided)

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