Sports training program launched in Riyadh to inspire youth leadership


JEDDAH: A new training program aimed at deepening knowledge about teaching sports and inspiring community sport leaders across the Kingdom has been launched by the British Council and the Department of Education.

Open in a special ceremony at the Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namout Hajjiyah Boys School in Riyadh, the Youth Sports Leadership (YSL) training identifies and works with local coaches and trainers to engage young leaders ages 14 to 19 years in organizing accessible sporting events and programs in their local communities.

Organized in partnership with Youth Sports Trust International, an independent charity, YSL will take place over the next two weeks in Riyadh, with additional training taking place at schools in Jeddah and the Eastern Province later this month.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mohammed Al-Moqbel, executive director of the National Center for the Development of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education, said: In all corners of the country have access to quality sports education that inspires and motivates them to lead healthy, active lives.

Speaking on the British Council’s training and broader sports initiatives in the Gulf, Amir Ramzan, country director for Saudi Arabia on the council, said: On teamwork and inclusion at the organization and engagement.

“We have already seen that even participating in sport just once can help develop crucial skills like problem solving and communication. We look forward to seeing the impact with Youth Sports Leadership now and over the next three years. “

YSL will run until February 14 at Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namout Hajjiyah School for Boys and Al-Abnaa School for Girls in Riyadh. It will be deployed to Jeddah and the Eastern Province from February 19 to 25.

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