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Created: Aug 14, 2021 07:59 AM

Bright outlook: Stephen Todd of the Bermuda Hotel Association (file photo)

The tourism industry “is moving in the right direction” despite the low number of visitor arrivals, hoteliers said yesterday.

Stephen Todd, general manager of the Bermuda Hotel Association, said it was “expected” that there would be a “significant decline” from previous years, before the pandemic, but added that the numbers showed “a trend to positive growth “. .

Mr Todd added: “Overall we are moving in a positive direction, and this is starting to be reflected in our results since the start of the year.”

He was speaking after figures from the Bermuda Tourism Authority were released which showed an almost 80% drop in arrivals by air in the second quarter of this year compared to 2019.

But Mr Todd said the island’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has made Bermuda a more attractive destination for visitors than other destinations.

“Visitors come to the island with the confidence and knowledge that our destination continues to be among the safest in the world in terms of reducing the spread of the virus and variants.”

Mr. Todd said the hospitality industry is working with BTA to produce “positive messages internationally”.

“Our potential visitors and hotel guests are made aware of the testing protocols put in place by our association member properties to ensure that our industry colleagues undergo regular testing to determine their overall health.

“This provides an added level of confidence to our customers, beyond the ongoing health protocols the Bermuda government has implemented, which continues to serve our destination well.”

Mr Todd said an increase in flights to the island would help maintain momentum.

He added: “The return of the airlift from Canada, the switch of British Airways to Heathrow earlier this year, as well as our US-based airline partners increasing their services to the island are helping Bermuda on a gradual return. of our air visitors.

“There are several member properties that have experienced near full capacity, which thus far has been attributed to longer stays, returning customers, as well as a percentage attributable to ‘stays’. from local residents, which is much appreciated. “

Mr Todd said the hospitality industry is working with BTA on its marketing strategy to stimulate interest in Bermuda.

“The iconic sporting events later this year should also help our destination continue to restore and rebuild our tourism product. “

Events Bermuda hosts the 2021 Sprint and Relay Triathlon World Championships and the US PGA event at Port Royal Golf Course.

Mr. Todd added, “Our collective vigilance to contain and reduce local transmission of variants of the virus as well as our international status will be equally and of paramount importance, ensuring that potential air visitors continue to view Bermuda as a safe place and safe destination for their future visits.



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