Spectators are now allowed to attend school sporting events


  • Spectators are now allowed to attend school and interschool matches, training and sporting events.
  • Face masks should always be worn.
  • Sharing of drinks is not permitted.

New government regulations have been issued to allow spectators to attend school sporting events.

From Friday, spectators were allowed to attend all school and inter-school sports matches, training sessions and events.

School sporting events – without spectators – have been allowed since August after being suspended in May in the midst of the third wave of Covid-19.

In addition, all intra-school and inter-school artistic and cultural activities can now allow audiences, including rehearsals and choir competitions, spelling competitions, speech competitions and debates.

However, strict rules apply.

Face masks should be worn, including in locker rooms and training areas, except by those doing vigorous exercise.

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Beverage sharing is not permitted, a Covid-19 compliance officer must be appointed for each site, and a log of all officials, students and spectators must be kept by a host school for at least 21 days.

Up to 2,000 people are permitted at outdoor venues and 750 or less at indoor venues.

But if the place is too small to contain the prescribed number of people while ensuring distances of at least one and a half meters between people, then no more than 50% of the capacity of the place can be used.

The regulations state that a principal of a school or an organizer of a place who does not comply with the regulations is guilty of an offense and may be liable to a fine or imprisonment.

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