Specialty Sports Training Owners To Honor Veterans With Unique Veterans Day Challenge


HARBOR SPRINGS – Over the past three or four years, Specialized Sports Training co-owners Grant Tracy and Rob Beigle have come up with a number of elaborate but tough exercise regimes.

“It started out as something to push us to improve,” Tracy said. “I didn’t want to hurt that bad before I started training and it’s really now a life of its own, both physically and mentally.”

The duo have pushed their limits – both physically and mentally – in an effort to show others that they are capable of more than they think they are. Tracy and Beigle in recent years have pulled sleds weighing several hundred pounds filled with canned goods for families in need around Christmas from Harbor Springs to Petoskey, they’ve swam through Little Traverse Bay and even performed a full Ironman strapped together. .

While each of the events they have hosted has been personally stimulating and perhaps even inspiring for clients of Specialized Sports Training, which is located at 930 S. State St. in Harbor Springs, Tracy said the two achieved that they could use their events for, hopefully. impact on the lives of others, “which is a much bigger goal or of greater value”.

Last year, the pair decided to carry an 80-pound log on their shoulders for 40 miles in the dark of night to show their support for the sacrifice the veterans made.

“We were able to raise $ 4,300 in a fundraiser prior to this challenge,” said Tracy. “We were honored to give this entirely to the Wounded Warriors.”

This year, as Veterans Day approaches (November 11), Tracy and Beigle have set an even higher goal to help support The Wounded Warriors Project, as they would like to raise $ 10,000.

The Wounded Warriors Project is a charitable and veterans services organization that provides a variety of programs, services and events to veterans wounded from the military actions that followed September 11, 2001. It operates as a non-profit organization lucrative.

“With the 20th anniversary of September 11th, we would like to carry a 100-pound log on our shoulders 50 miles between 9 p.m. and 11 a.m. around Northmen Stadium on Friday, November 12,” said Tracy. “Last year we started at 9 am and it took us about 1 to 2 pm We had some help from some clients and community members which was good.

“The idea this year was to start over,” Tracy said. “We’ve increased the log by 20 pounds and we’ve increased the miles because we just can’t do the same, can we?”

Specialized Sports Training co-owners Grant Tracy (middle) and Rob Beigle (right) after their 40-mile journey in 2020 to carry an 80-pound journal together to help raise funds for Project Wounded Warrior.

Tracy said the time element this year should help the duo move forward and get through the pain.

“We really like doing this at night for one, because it’s not about us,” Tracy said. “It’s under the cover of darkness and we go there when no one else is probably there or can see us, much like our veterans serve our country. They do so much and sacrifice so much that we don’t even see or know, so we do it that way. “

Tracy said that while he and Beigle started their different challenges for themselves, over time they wanted to do more, find a cause, and give community members a reason to be interested in different causes.

“It adds a whole new level to it,” Tracy said. “It will be for a great cause and over the miles we will learn a lot about sacrifice and what we can do. It will be a win-win no matter what.”

Tracy said he expects a lot of pain from registering a 100-pound log all night long, but he also knows he’ll be up to the challenge.

“It’s going to hurt, you just anticipate it’s going to hurt and there will be times when you say ‘I can’t go anymore’,” Tracy said. “Last year we hit concrete around 3 a.m. but we had flags fluttering and we looked at this flag fluttering and realized that our vets had no choice to quit or give up. and we said ‘let’s get up, let’s go.’

Tracy also hopes the challenge will help inspire others to overcome and overcome difficult obstacles that might arise not only in physical training, but in other aspects of life.

“No one is safe from these thoughts when it’s dark,” Tracy said. “It won’t be hard to get out of this one, because of those who made our country free and safe for us to do these kinds of things.”

To help donate to Tracy and Beigle’s contribution to The Wounded Warrior Project, visit www.specializedsportstraining.com and click on the “Donate to WWP” tab or deposit a check or money at the SST office in Harbor Springs .

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