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Welcome to Hype Station, where NBA dreams come and go in no time. Jonathan Lowe of SC examines how the hype for this season’s title dovetails with the hype for future league stars. Whole story

Sports photosAfter an exciting fifth game of the NBA Finals, there are only two games left at most in a weird but very compelling season. The Bucks could be crowned league champions on Tuesday night, but there’s a lot to be learned from this season. Whole story

Sports photosHow can you compare, for example, an NFL quarterback who played in the 1960s with a quarterback who plays today? You just can’t, says SC’s Anthony Brancato, so stop. Whole story

Sports photosWithout his only NBA Championship with the Celtics in what appears to be a century ago, Doc Rivers would perhaps be the greatest choking artist among coaches in NBA history. SC’s Anthony Brancato recounts Rivers’ long streak of playoff trivia. Whole story

Sports photosSometimes the last four contenders of an NBA season are inevitable. Jonathan Lowe of SC examines how this year’s version of the NBA Conference Finals doesn’t have that “doom” feeling. Whole story

Sports photosSC’s Ross Lancaster focuses on Kevin Durant and wonders if maybe we don’t give him enough credit because he makes the game so easy and is always on a squad with at least one other star. Whole story

Sports photosOne of the events of the next Summer Olympics is actually a winter sport, basketball! How can that be? Anthony Brancato of SC is as puzzled as anyone else. Whole story

Sports photosHave you ever regretted a decision you made? These decisions don’t just extend to ordinary people. NBA franchises also make some regrettable choices. Jonathan Lowe of SC takes a look at some of those picks affecting this year’s playoffs. Whole story

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