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Lindsay Lane’s fledgling sports program is growing every day, with athletes making their mark signing to play at the next level, setting milestones and beating their opponents.

This is all happening as the school aims to educate young men and women while guiding them in the Christian faith.

This year alone, they had five scholarship signings, including one where the athlete became the first person in Lindsay Lane history to sign a scholarship in the sport. That would be Henry Woodall, who signed to run cross-country for Mobile University.

They’ve had athletes who play multiple sports sign up for scholarships, like Lindsey Holland, signing to play volleyball at Huntingdon College but also basketball.

Speaking of basketball, Lindsey Murr broke the 1,000 point mark earlier in 2022, a feat that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Lindsay Lane faithful.

These athletes are helped along the way by those who are committed to Lion Pride.

This includes Megan Ellison, who is the school’s athletic director.

We asked Ellison a few questions about Lindsay Lanes’ athletic program and how it relates to their faith.

Question: Talk about Lindsay Lane’s growth in the sport.

To respond: Lindsay Lane has seen significant growth over the years in the athletic department. Eight years ago, Lindsay Lane joined AHSAA, which helped broaden the level of competition. Highlights from the past few years include: Softball became a varsity sport, varsity swimming for girls and boys was added, and in 2022 we will have our first varsity football team! The overall growth of our school has added different levels to most sports. This includes college, junior high as well as undergraduate university. Also, Lauren Evans, our Youth Sports Director, has done an amazing job promoting athletics to the younger crowd. This feeds our high school sports teams.

Question: What does Lindsay Lane do to promote these athletes?

To respond: Whenever we can feature an athlete we do! When an athlete achieves a sporting milestone, we contact the Athens News Courier. We promote their achievements on our social media pages. Another thing LLCA likes to do is to take the sport to the next level. Every time an athlete plays sports in college, we celebrate it. We bring in grades 7-12 and let everyone look at the athlete sign. We invite their friends and family and just let them enjoy their moment. We want our youngest students to see that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Our coaches are wonderful at helping our athletes connect with college coaches. Whether it’s a college coach or someone they met in the college coaching world, LLCA coaches are always ready to help our athletes take it to the next level.

Question: How do you and the school try to make a connection between Christian values ​​and these athletes?

To respond: The school’s motto is “Raising Champions for Christ”. As a school and athletic department, we try to teach athletes biblical principles that they can apply after sports are over. Something we try to instill is that the sport will eventually be over, but you will still have your character and God. The varsity boys’ away jerseys have “AO1” on the back. It means “Hearing of one”. We want athletes to know that there is only one person we have to play for. God.

Question: How does Lindsay Lane benefit from good Christian people willing to give their time for these athletes?

To respond: The coaches we have at Lindsay Lane are great people who give their time for free. Only a handful of coaches are actually full-time Lindsay Lane employees. The others work their regular jobs and then quit their jobs to come and train these athletes. They sacrifice time away from family to coach and pour out on our athletes. Some of our coaches have heard of Lindsay Lane and just want to get involved and mentor these athletes. In my three years as Athletic Director, nothing amazes me more than the coaches and all they do for the school and the athletes. Lindsay Lane is beyond blessed!


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