Learning locomotion: This sports program helps children develop their motor skills


Children are some of the most important people in the world, and they’re well worth the effort to find new ways to keep them engaged in their learning. Look no further than Sports Hub Tots and Kinder Play, an enriching program for children from Singapore Sports Hub that helps develop their motor skills during their crucial founding years. There are five different programs with age-specific activities that help support children’s cognitive, emotional, social and motor development.

Here, experienced sports and movement coaches use colorful equipment and age-appropriate methods to promote the development of stability, locomotion (body movement) and object control in young children, and c t is also a great way to encourage children to lead active lives. People aged 12 months to 6 years can participate and classes will be conducted in accordance with Covid-19 security management measures. Classes will be held at the Sports Hub Fitness Studio on Level Two of the OCBC Arena, which means it’s convenient for parents to work out while their kids participate in this program.

There are many programs to choose from, all designed to promote learning through play. I can do helps toddlers aged 28-40 months hone their motor skills through a series of structured activities, while those aged 3-4 will enjoy learning the value of group participation in Watch me play. Dinkies is where kids ages 4-5 learn to tackle more advanced athletic skills.

Parents can even participate in the fun of Fun2B1 and Start 2 sessions. It’s a great opportunity to bond with the little ones! The Fun2B1 The program is for people aged 12 to 22 months who have just started crawling. It is important to help them achieve moving goals during this time. For example, did you know that crawling helps little ones grasp math concepts?

On the other hand, the Start 2 program is aimed at people aged 23 to 28 months. Its participants will enjoy a variety of activities that can improve and develop their stability, locomotion and handling. Children will also learn to adhere to a structured routine, to cooperate with the facilitator and to follow instructions.

Watch this video for a preview of the program:

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