KONI and South Korea forge cooperation in competitive sports training


The presence of Ambassador Park is meaningful because (your presence) strengthens our spirit. We have here (a representative) from a friendly country who could help us improve (training for) competitive sports. We hope we will have more meetings o

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) has forged cooperation with South Korea to strengthen the training of Indonesian athletes for competitive sports.

The cooperation was discussed during a meeting between KONI Chairman Marciano Norman and South Korea’s Ambassador to Indonesia Park Tae Sung at the KONI office here on Wednesday.

“The presence of Ambassador Park is significant because (your presence) strengthens our spirit. We have here (a representative) of a friendly country who could help us improve (training for) competitive sports. We hopefully we will have more meetings like this in the future,” Norman noted as quoted on KONI’s official webpage on Thursday.

The head of KONI told Park that the organization wants to cooperate with South Korea in training several sports disciplines, mainly football and archery.

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) also issued a presidential instruction on improving the quality of domestic football sports, he pointed out.

Norman then expressed his optimism that South Korea will send experienced coaches to help Indonesia improve the quality of national coaches.

Apart from improving the quality of coaches, the KONI official is optimistic about establishing cooperation in archery sports as Indonesia aims to repeat the success of the national archery team. archery which won the country’s first medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

“The Indonesian archery team at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul successfully won the bronze medal. We want to repeat the success by inviting South Korean coaches,” Norman remarked.

The KONI official pointed out that the previous cooperation in taekwondo sports, when athlete Defia Rosmania was allowed to participate in intensive training sessions in South Korea, allowed him to win a gold medal during of the 2018 Asian Games.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Park hailed KONI’s intention and expressed his optimism for continued cooperation to improve Indonesia’s performance in competitive sports.

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“South Korea and Indonesia have agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation since 2017,” Park said.

Bilateral relations between South Korea and Indonesia were elevated to a special strategic partnership after President Moon Jae In visited Indonesia in 2017, he said.

“Our cooperation in sports came to fruition at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang when Indonesian athlete Poomsae (Defia Rosmaniar) won a gold medal. We hope the cooperation will expand to other sports, such as archery, baseball and fencing, and others,” Park said.

The ambassador also affirmed his commitment to help KONI officials meet with South Korean experts and officials of the institution for further cooperation.

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