House OK Bill strengthens local athletic program for athletes


MANILA – A measure offering programs and incentives for the development of young athletes prevented second reading approval in the House of Representatives.

In Wednesday’s plenary session, the lower house passed by voice vote Bill 10504, which aims to strengthen local sports programs to develop young athletes.

Siquijor’s representative Jake Vincent Villa, the author of the bill, said there is a need to train and develop athletes from the early stages of their exposure to certain sports and at a very young age.

“Promising young athletes are the future of the national sports program. The opportunity to compete in higher stadiums such as the Olympics is possible,” he said. “It is imperative that the country’s sport program begins by helping our young athletes to develop and hone their skills.”

He also said that young athletes should be helped by giving them financial incentives to help their development.

The bill provides for separate funds for strengthening grassroots sports programs that would support not only young athletes, but also local sports and recreation organizations, as well as sports facilities.

In order to further promote the sport and its benefits among young people, the Philippine Sports Commission will allocate adequate resources to financially support the affiliation of young athletes in a local sports club, recreation club or sports organizations whose facilities and activities can provide them with the right place and opportunities. for training and competition.

The Get Started fund will be used to help young athletes, including people with disabilities as well as athletes who cannot afford to join a local sports club, hobby club or sports organization due to financial constraints.

Young athletes will receive a discount voucher of up to PHP 3,000 per year to help pay their registration, membership, participation and training fees.

The Get Going fund will be used to support local sports clubs, hobby clubs and sports organizations with funding of up to PHP 50,000 per year for projects and programs providing opportunities for more young athletes to get involved in the sport.

The Get Playing Fund will provide up to PHP 500,000 per year to help local sports clubs, leisure clubs and sports organizations improve sports facilities and encourage more young athletes to become actively involved in the sporting activity of their choice. (ANP)


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