Gun shows the table at the Newtown Sports Training Center


NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Gun shows are officially prohibited at the Sports Training Center at 116 Pheasant Run and 209 Penns Trail in Newtown Township.

Under a Zoning Enforcement Settlement Agreement between the Board of Supervisors and the Newtown Athletic Club which operates the center, the athletic training center will be permitted to hold event-type shows on the site, but not gun shows.

Details of the settlement were announced by Newtown Township attorney Dave Sander at the Aug. 10 board of supervisors meeting.

The issue surfaced in January when township officials learned that a gun show was planned at the site and made an exception. They argued that a gun display was not a permitted use at the center under its certificate of occupancy.

The township filed a notice of enforcement against the venue, which responded by filing an appeal with the zoning hearing board.

Sander said the appeal was put on hold while the board begins to negotiate with the owner and reach an agreement that the establishment could continue to hold event-type shows and sales, but not gun shows at fire.

There is one exception, Sander said. The sports training center would be allowed to hold an event such as an outdoor or camping show once a year that might have the presence of firearms, but not as a main attraction.

“No firearm, firearm, rifle, shotgun or similar shall be displayed, sold or traded on the property except once per calendar year and such display, sale or trade shall not be the primary purpose of the exhibition or sale style event or event,” the agreement reads.

Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the settlement agreement.


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