Couple Serves South Side Youth With Their Texas Revolution Sports Program


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Both Gabriel and Stephanie Mora were born and raised in the southern part of San Antonio and currently reside there. Today they run the Texas Revolution Youth Sports.

We had the chance to tell them about this dynamic youth program for children ages 3-14 on the South Side.

Gabriel and Stephanie are high school sweethearts who have been together for 21 years. In 2019 they launched Texas Revolution Youth Football and Cheer, as well as Texas Revolution Youth Basketball.

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The inspiration for these programs came from their beloved sister Patricia Mora who passed away from cancer. The couple also own Lil Pookies Childcare, Broski’s BBQ and Catering and 365 Custom Design and Apparel.

When asked if it had been easy to manage all these businesses, they replied:

“The pandemic has been a struggle for all of our businesses. Texas Revolution had to close for the season due to city demands. We started again in the fall of 2021 and had a terrific season with three of our four teams qualifying for the playoffs, our cheerleaders all winning major champions and winning multiple division category banners.

Gabriel and Stephanie Mora launched the Texas Revolution youth sports program in 2019. (Live from the Southside)

“The daycare was able to stay open but with a lot of restrictions and precautions to prevent everyone from getting sick. We went from 89 children enrolled to 19 children in a few weeks, we are one of the very few daycares that survived the pandemic and managed to stay open and continue operating until today.

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Gabriel said: “Thanks to the good faith and support of the family, we have been able to continue to successfully manage all of our businesses.”

Having been around youth sports all their lives, Gabriel and Stephanie learned the ins and outs and what they envisioned for Texas Revolution.

Texas Revolution was built from the ground up and they received support from family and friends. What sets them apart from other programs are their expectations of parents and athletes.

Their motto is: “Look good, feel good, play good.”

They will host a fundraising event on June 11 at Mission County Park.

Gabriel and Stephanie Mora launched the Texas Revolution youth sports program in 2019. (Live from the Southside)

During the pandemic, helmets and shoulder pads were in constant shortage. The parents had to go from store to store, some even ordered online, and found nothing. Their goal is to raise enough money to pre-purchase helmets and shoulder pads for their upcoming fall season.

Their advice is: if you have a dream, make it happen.

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They love being able to provide business to the south side of San Antonio for young people. You can find them on Facebook if you are looking for more information about the program. Get your tickets for their event, here.

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