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CENTRAL SQUARE – Their extended wait has been further delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but Allyson and Kaylie Isereau remain optimistic as they plan to return to the football field to compete together again.

The identical twin sisters, who graduated from Central Square-Paul V. Moore High School in June, have each pledged to play women’s football for Brockport College. SUNYAC’s fall sports season was put on hold in July until at least January 2021 due to the virus, but the Isereau duo will join the team on campus today and begin training soon in the next few months. month.

The notable midfielders – daughters of DJ and Kristen Isereau – are eager to fulfill their shared dream of playing college football together despite the recent postponement of their freshman fall campaign.

The announcement was the final hurdle for Kaylie Isereau, who missed her last two seasons in high school for the Redhawks after suffering an anterior cruciate ligament tear in each knee in consecutive summers.

Allyson and Kaylie had played on the same school and travel football teams since they were introduced to the sport at the age of four and had spent two college seasons together as subclasses of Central Square before the injuries. to Kaylie’s knee.

“It had always been a dream of ours to be part of the college soccer team together and continue to play as sisters,” said Allyson Isereau. “Even though we got a notice that our fall season is canceled, we’re still going to be able to practice this year, and even just put our cleats back together and talk about football, try to compete against each other and run faster. that each other, it’s been so awesome. It brings back old memories and it’s amazing.

Allyson Isereau finished with four goals and nine assists as a fourth-year midfielder last season, helping Central Square to a team-record 16 wins and the program’s first-ever trip to a Sectional Championship game. 3. She scored four goals with four assists the year before, while Kaylie has remained a staple in the locker room each season to coach and support her teammates. Kaylie Isereau tore her ACL in her right knee in July 2018 to miss her junior year and suffered a tear in her left ACL the following summer.

Allyson and Kaylie each finished with five goals in their sophomore season in fall 2017 – the last time they played a school football game together – and each won Salt City Athletic Conference All honors. Star.

The tight-knit twins have been aiming to regain that form to bring to the Golden Eagles since Kaylie Isereau was fully cleared for football activities in March and has spent her summer preparing for the next venture.

Allyson and Kaylie Isereau worked with their former Redhawks assistant coach Allister Hayden on soccer skill work while training weightlifting and agility drills with strength coach Will McLaughlin at Eagle Peak Performance. Hayden also suffered two ripped ACLs as a young football player.

The Isereau sisters attended small group workouts of five or fewer players led by their travel team, the Arsenal Academy, and stayed active during their downtime by hiking and kayaking.

“It’s really fun to be able to do everything we used to do together, but also to have something new to look forward to and to move on from high school and start our new soccer adventure,” said declared Kaylie Isereau.

The twin sisters were recruited by Brockport’s women’s football coach Mike Idland after a strong performance last summer in a travel tournament before Kaylie’s second knee injury.

Allyson Isereau got engaged shortly after their one-night campus tour together in July 2019 and her sister followed up about a week later after considering her future in sports shortly after her second knee surgery.

“(Idland) supported me so much and always wanted me to play for them, and I wanted to be with Allyson, so I thought that would be a good fit for me and I felt like I didn’t feel ready. to play I can still be a training player, but here we are now and I think I’m ready, ”said Kaylie Isereau.

“I felt like I didn’t want my football career to end, like I had something more to prove, and all the girls in Brockport were super sweet,” she added. “I hooked up with another girl on the team who had a torn ACL, so we talked, we gave each other some advice, and I was like, ‘Okay, I have to go here and prove to myself that i can play football again and have as much fun as before.

Allyson Isereau plans to specialize in biology and chemistry with the aim of becoming a dentist, having already mentored his uncle in the profession and enjoying the experience.

Kaylie Isereau will be majoring in exercise science and eventually hopes to work as a physiotherapist, inspired to help athletes recover from the type of injuries she suffered. She spoke often to her physiotherapist – Chris Hall at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists – about the field and was intrigued as she watched SOS staff work with a variety of patients, from knee replacements to shoulder rehabilitations.

“I would go to physiotherapy and unlike most people, I loved physiotherapy,” said Kaylie Isereau. “It was something fun for me to do because I like to stay active and I couldn’t really do anything else.”

The Isereau sisters were in full preparation for their college debut when they learned that SUNYAC had chosen to suspend all sports until at least January.

After a few initial tears, everyone quickly took on the optimistic view of being able to slowly integrate into their college environment and get to know the new program, coaches and teammates.

For Kaylie Isereau, the postponement offers more time to return to his physical peak and feel comfortable competing again on the field in a low pressure environment after two knee surgeries.

“There were a few tears but we did some zoom with the team and after realizing that we are going to be able to train and do things as a team like weightlifting or team building it looks like we will be together and still playing soccer, there just won’t be any competitiveness, “said Allyson Isereau.” We just have to have a positive mindset and hope that everything goes well. “

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