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Created: Oct 08, 2021 8:00 AM

Sacha Dill was the student dance teachers always put in front of the class.

She intended to become “a track star” and did not understand their reasoning until she entered the Berkeley Institute.

“I had an amazing teacher, Zalika Millett, and she just said, ‘Track, this is a wrap for you. You have to keep dancing.’

“It had to be one or the other and the dancing was the choice. I felt more passionate about the dance than the floor. I just knew it was something I had to do and I had a very good support system for my teachers and so it literally followed me throughout my life. “

This is the kind of encouragement she herself now gives to the talented young people she meets through Troika, the Seldon Woolridge and Shoa Wolfe performing arts group founded in 2009.

With Shanna Henry, Ms. Dill is researching the work of choreographers aged 13 to 30 who could be included in a Troika showcase next year.

“I’ve been with Troika since they pretty much started, their second year is coming,” she said. “Seldon has always been riding on us to push us to follow our goals and follow our dreams and with the training of Troika which has really helped us.”

She has participated in many public and private performances of Troika plays, workshops and musicals here and abroad over the years.

“The more I performed, the more I was valued within the dance community,” Ms. Dill said. “I wanted to help the kids because dancing is an outlet. You don’t know what people go through in their everyday life and dancing is a way to let everything out, to transform into a different person, to just Forget reality for a minute. And I think that’s why I chose to do this, to inspire. “

Thanks to a steer from Sallie Singleton of the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda, she received a scholarship which enabled her to attend the College of Lake County in the United States.

“I was a hairdressing assistant and she had her hair done at my job and she pushed me to apply,” said Ms. Dill, who now teaches hip-hop, modern and jazz at DanceSations dance school.

“The next thing I know is I’m in the interview and they call me and tell me I got this scholarship to leave. So dancing has been with me my whole life. J got my associate in fine arts and dance. “

The coronavirus pandemic has limited performance opportunities this year, so Ms Dill and Ms Henry are hoping people apply to be part of the showcase.

“I think before the [recent] Spike, Seldon was able to run a dance workshop just for us but nine out of ten times we probably would have had about 100 performances in the year without Covid, ”Ms Dill said.

“I think that’s why he’s pushing us to do this showcase. We just have to keep going. We’re in the middle of a pandemic but we’re going to find a way and we’re going to get there.”

The showcase is not only open to choreographers but to anyone interested in dancing, she added.

“We are currently accepting applications from young choreographers who will be featured in our showcase, but if you have an interest in dancing, if you want to be in someone else’s room, this is also an open call for you.

“The initiative is more aimed at young performers, to encourage them to aim for their own artistic excellence. The dance showcase has become a creative and explosive presentation showcasing the talent of the choreographers as well as the passion for dance of our young people.

Ms. Dill is often impressed with the level of choreography she sees during open calls.

“TikTok helped with that but you’d be surprised. The kids just turn on the music and start moving and voila, you have a song.

“But of course me and Shanna will be there to help them in the right direction and just help them a bit if they need it.”

The showcase of Troika’s choreography is scheduled for February. Anyone interested in participating should submit a photo, resume, 30 second clip of their dancing style, and a brief explanation of why they should be selected to participate. For more information: [email protected] Follow Troika on Instagram: @troikabda

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Sacha Dill is looking for choreographers aged 13 to 30 for a showcase planned by Troika (Photo provided)

Shanna Henry is looking for choreographers aged 13 to 30 for a showcase planned by Troika (Photo provided)

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