Athletic Republic: Performance sports training with proven results


THE WOODLANDS, Texas – In early July, The Woodlands will host Athletic Republic, a training facility designed to improve an athlete’s skills including speed, quickness to first steps, explosive power, overall fitness and more again. Athletic Republic-The Woodlands is not a gym, but rather a performance sports training facility.

Athletic Republic has a proven set of protocols that fit every competitor, from youth to professional athletes, and have proven results. Located at 8101 Kuykendahl Road, Suite 100, the facility offers many varied services such as team training and personal training for the benefit of athletes in all sports.

In the past, Athletic Republic had a presence at The Woodlands, but the opportunity to buy the brand earlier this year arose. Bill Arend, a Woodlands resident and avid Athletic Republic results supporter, was quick to own the new facility.

“My three children have taken the Athletic Republic programs. It’s a testimony in itself,” Arend said. “The beauty of this training and conditioning is that it applies to all sports, boys and girls.”

From the age of 7, Athletic Republic can take a competitor’s skills and abilities to the next level. The 23-year-old company has franchises across the United States and guarantees improvement.

Arend also wants to focus on young athletes so they can improve their athleticism, while avoiding injury. The facility’s FUNdamental programs immerse young people in a friendly and supportive environment to help them improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and self-esteem.

“I see a lot of worrying trends in youth sports where there are a lot of injuries and a lot of pressure being put on young people at a young age to specialize in a sport,” Arend said. We focus on the early assessment of athletes and the detection of their strengths and weaknesses.

Because Athletic Republic’s training programs are science-based and research-proven, an athlete’s results won’t depend on which athletic trainer they are given. Staff members follow the same specific program to ensure the best results.

In a study of college athletes, for an eight-week, 24-session program, there was an average improvement of 0.2 to 0.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 4-inch vertical jump height, 5 mph in casting speed, as well as gains in running efficiency.

“The system works and it’s not by accident,” Athletic Republic general manager Susan Romero told The Woodlands. “You can activate your off season.”

Throughout an athlete’s training, objective testing will be performed to document changes and positive results. Clients also learn how to train correctly and mechanically, in order to prevent injuries.

“The most gratifying part for me is seeing that ‘ah ha’ moment on an athlete’s face. Even as early as two or three sessions, they start to see a difference,” Romero said.

No matter the skill or sport, Athletic Republic can help any athlete who wants to improve their athleticism in every aspect. For more information on Athletic Republic in the Woods, email Susan Romero or visit the website at the link provided below.


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