Assaulting Chinese companies at international sporting events cannot stifle their growth


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Under a virulent tendency to politicize international sporting events, Western politicians have already begun to exaggerate alleged “concerns” about Chinese sponsors at the 2024 Paris Olympics, even though the games are more than two years away.

Citing an unfounded cliché of “security concerns”, some French politicians are trying to prevent the Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba, one of the 13 global partners of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), “from hosting and accessing sensitive data” during the Paris 2024 Olympics. Games, AFP reported.

“The personal and contact details of tens of thousands of Games-accredited individuals will be hosted in Alibaba’s cloud,” the report said, citing unnamed sources.

Above all, Alibaba is one of the Olympic Partners (TOP) of the IOC and the Paris Games in 2024. The sponsorship, in fact, does not depend on certain ill-intentioned French politicians and it would be impossible for the IOC to compromise on a such an obvious attempt to politicize sporting events.

The CIO and the Alibaba Group signed a long-term partnership until 2028 in January 2017. By joining the TOP global sponsorship program, Alibaba became the official “Cloud Services” and “E-Commerce Platform Services” partner, as well a founding partner of the Olympic Channel, according to an IOC statement.

Clearly, Alibaba is well placed to cooperate with the CIO in the digital age. In addition, Chinese enterprises have made increasing contributions to international sports events in recent years, and behind them are the growing strength of enterprises and the unrivaled Chinese market which is of great importance for the sustainable development of sports events.

In the meantime, while it is highly unlikely that Alibaba’s partnership with the IOC will be dropped, it is true that such “concerns” about China-linked companies or institutes are spreading to broader domains, poisoning the environment for normal and mutually beneficial international trade. .

From the economy to culture and sports, some Western politicians and media have tried to find a connection to China to launch another anti-China political stunt in the spotlight.

Behind such moves, there is simply no evidence or reasonable logic and politicians from different countries only take the same side when interests are at stake.

As for Alibaba Cloud, this is not the first time it has faced vicious attacks on the global stage. As one of the major players in the cloud services industry, the company will experience stronger headwinds in the future, especially as the sector is now increasingly dominated by Chinese industrial giants. and Americans.

Alibaba, along with other Chinese tech companies, needs to bolster their expansion strategies to deal with possible political challenges overseas. Taking cloud services as an example, Alibaba Cloud is expected to strengthen its localization efforts when establishing businesses in other countries or regions, integrating with and facilitating the growth of local industries. Establishing win-win cooperation is vital for long-term partnerships around the world and such malicious attacks launched by some anti-China politicians will not hinder the growth of Chinese companies in the long term.

As with other countries and regions, letting the United States be the hegemon will not be in accordance with their essential interest, including France.

The article was compiled based on an interview with Ma Jihua, a veteran industry analyst. [email protected]


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