Amid recalls of Russian reservists, international sports training camps are canceled


Although the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned Russian athletes from most international sports since last May, the country has continued to find ways to participate in events such as the ‘Friendship Games’ and Spartakiad. . Alongside this competition, there is continuous training, which has included the organization of training camps outside its borders. Russian Ministry of Sports ordered its national sports governing body to suspend these overseas activitiesNevertheless.

Allied nations Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and China have hosted various Russian training camps. Specifically, the suspension applies to training camps and competitions where the Ministry of Sports is funding travel.

The mandate came following Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s announcement this week that nearly 300,000 reservists had been called up to “fight the full force of the ‘collective West’ which has provided Kyiv forces with state-of-the-art weapons, training and intelligence”. (Reuters)

As such, the suspension of international training camps for Russian athletes is seen as a tactic to ensure those of fighting age are essentially contained and prevented from fleeing Russia.

Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin told Russian state-run media CASS that national training events will instead be organized in-house.

“Our country has the resources to organize training events for national teams,” Matytsin said.

“The current decision is dictated by the general course of strengthening the national sports industry and the formation of sports and economic sovereignty.

“We are preparing the training camp calendar with the Russian sports federations, we are in constant interaction with them.”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, the United Nations has estimated that 6,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, in addition to tens of thousands of troops (estimates vary widely between sources). A a recent investigation by the UN Human Rights Council has confirmed that human rights violations have been committed in Ukrainewith more evidence of such violations to come as Ukraine pushes Russia back from some occupied territories in the country.


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