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NEW DELHI: Delhi government’s program to promote sports among students hit a roadblock after it was revealed that some of the academies employed by the government to provide free training to students in public schools were not did not. The Department of Education has launched a program to involve various academies, clubs and individual coaches to provide free supervision to students in public schools.

According to the program, the space required to provide training must be provided by the school while the designated academies must provide training to students of that school or neighboring public schools without charging them. The principal of the school concerned was to ensure that the pupils received free training.
In addition, academies were allowed to train students from neighboring non-government schools at reasonable cost. However, during the inspections, it was found that many academies only provided training to paying students and only a few public school students were trained in these centers.

“The act of these academies, clubs and individual coaches defeats the primary purpose of the program,” the DoE said in a notice to all school leaders. Depending on the program, it is mandatory for academies to maintain a 50:50 ratio, i.e. half of interns should be public school students and the rest could be those who can afford to pay. .

The DoE asked principals to post a sign at the front door indicating the name of the academy, the game, and the facilities provided in the academy. The department also asked principals to motivate students and coordinate with principals of nearby public schools to use the facilities available in the academy.

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